Turkeys and Shoots

I am so very late on this weigh-in post...sorry.  On Wednesday I weighed in at 192.4 a -2lbs loss yay!!

 I'm hoping that next week will be a good one to but I'm not so confidant.  It's been crazy busy here.  As you know I am a Pre-School Teacher by day but I also do photography on the side, and this time of year gets crazy.  So I have been doing a lot of  holiday shoots and that means tons of time on the computer online shopping editing instead of blogging.  And that also has meant quick thrown together meals and a few drive thru one to.  Though I have been getting in ALL my training runs I've been laxing a bit on my other exercise ie, Aqua.

 I am very excited and looking forward to the Thanksgiving holiday.  We are going to the Arizona Besties house (the Hubs BFF and one of my BF's are married and, yes I take full credit for that one thank you very much!)  They have no family out there and it's just them and their 2 cuties pies so we try to make it out there for Turkey Day every year.  It is so relaxing no drama and the kidlets are close in age (Drama Queen and their oldest are only 6 wks apart yes we totally tried to plan it that way.  So I can't wait.  Also my plan is to enjoy myself but not go overboard and I'm also going to make that morning my long run day 6 miles so I will feel a little better about those mashed taters.

So what are your plans big family get togethers or quiet gatherings?

I'm going to leave ya with a few pics of what I've been up to.....

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