It's Hot, Sticky, Sweet....

 So what do you think?... I changed things up a bit on here.  I blame the Diet Dr. Pepper I drank at 4pm on Friday night...I should know better, but any way.

It was another great weekend, wow I am on a roll.  The beginning of this summer I promised myself that this year I was going to use our pool more and so far so good!

Saturday we had the "un-birthday" party for DQ lol.  A few close friends came over for pizza and swimming it was super laid back and though we did do pizza,  I made sure to have lots of  veggies, fruit and salad. I will admit to a slice and a bit of ice cream cake but I was balanced and still enjoyed with going over bored.

nothing like eating cake in the pool

The other great thing about summer time swimming is since you are outside you can have tons of messy drippy watermelon then just jump in the pool (cause I'm a cool mom and don't pool days count as baths in the summer??.)  Honestly I absolutely love watermelon it's the perfect healthy summer treat, but I used to never buy it because I HATED cutting it and I'm too cheap to buy the pre-cut.  Talk about sticky, juicy mess twss I know sorry couldn't help it.  That is until I learned this little trick.

Thank you Pinterest!

How To Cut a Watermelon with Less Mess

 1. Get a BIG ass knife (I like to use my serrated bread knife)

2. Hack off the top and bottom of the watermelon.

3. Carefully cut the rind off, so you kinda have a naked looking  watermelon.
notice there is hardly any juice...see it works.

4.Now just slice and dice how you like (you can pretend your Dexter)

 now there will be some juice at this point but I found if you do it on a cookie sheet it pretty much stays contained  (I was just to lazy to do it yesterday so by the sink worked just as well)
The great thing I still have a ton of watermelon left over for this weeks snacks!

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  1. lol...that is so funny that you mentioned that about Watermelon. I tend to not want to mess with it either. So this week I shall purchase a watermelon:) Looks like you are having a great time.


  2. Stopping by from the link up! You're a god send - I HATE cutting watermelon!!

  3. I don't mind cutting up watermelon the "old" way ... it's just it seems we go through phases. Sometimes it gets gobbled up so quick, other times I end up wasting a bunch as no one eats it after the initial offering. They are just so big and take up so much fridge space ... but watermelon is best cold! Thanks for linking up to Motivation Monday, keep up the good work! ... and I do believe and realize I'm showing up as a no-reply blogger, but I can't seem to find the way to uncheck it, something about also being linked up to Google+ ... :(


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