Fridays Five...Oops I Did it Again

Ok were you all as sad as I was about the girls over at 5 on Fridays taking a summer break!!
I loved friday's post because it was quick, fun and didn't need any rhyme or reason to it. I totally understand though it can get crazy in the summer. So even thought they are not doing the link up for the summer I'm still gonna do a Friday's Five post, cause I'm kinda a rebel sometimes!


Yup the hubs and I went to happy hour again.  Now that summer is here Grammie is keeping DQ over night on Wed. which means a date night for us.  Time to start researching healthy happy hours....is there even such a thing??  


This is freaking delicious!! Not even lying I received a coupon in my TLC VoxBox from Infulenster for a free one. I got the Carmel Truffle and it's seriously amaze balls, and only 140 kcal for a half a cup (if you can stop at that) and so creamy.  I'm going to be picking up the Tiramisu and Raspberry cheesecake flavors soon! What's summer with out a little gelato..so fancy.


 So bummed I don't know what happened,  but when we came home last night our patio umbrella was lying about 20 feet from where it belongs and is now broken.  Go figure it happens two days before a swim party ugh.


I got a great deal on some Jennie-O turkey the other day at Albertson's. They were on managers special for $2 each!! Holla looks like I'm meal prepping some turkey for the next few weeks #gobblegobble


So now it's off to clean up the house for said non-birthday swim party, party.  Yea I'm a sucker I said I wasn't going to have a party for DQ's B-day and it's not really just a few like seriously only 2 other family's coming over for pizza swimming and so what if there's is cake!

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  1. I really need to try that gelato! It looks sooo good!
    Come link up with me today!
    -Jennie @ The Diary of a Real Housewife


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