Vacation All I ever Wanted

I am officially back... well sorta
I'm not actually at work yet but I am back from vacation. I took an extra day off to recoup and because I went to freaking Pharell and Bruno Mars last night!! (total concert junkie here)
It was awesome!! Those boys can put on a show and it was at my favorite place the Hollywood Bowl.

But now it's back to reality...
 I have a bunch of laundry to do and I gotta get some food in this house.  Also I have to get DQ to finish up the school work that we were supposed to do all week cause I'm a procrastinator and am going to cram it all in the day before, it's literally going to be a few hours of pulling my hair out and one of us may not come out alive.  Ugg that girl.
Anyway I'll leave ya with a few vacation pics to sum it all up it was hot beautiful and relaxing.
I have a killer tan and am not ready to go back to work yet... I need to figure out how make a living just relaxing in the sun and sand...ideas??? anyone???

As for my goals this week
Goals 6/2 - 6/8
1. Write out a new workout plan for this month
2. Add in more Cardio (been lacking lately)
3. Cut back on the "snacking"  (vacation habit)
4. Replace one cup of coffee for a cup of green tea instead
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  1. Good luck with your goals! Coming back from a vacation can be tough!

  2. Sounds like you had an amazing vacation! It's so hard to get back to reality! You can do it!

  3. looks like you had a great time. I love your weekly goals. I need to do something since I have lost all motivation. Seeing your goal list has given me some new ideas. Thank you :)

  4. I'm so jealous - come back from a vacation AND then go see Pharell and Bruno Mars! Lucky lucky lucky! :-)

  5. When you figure out how to make a living sitting in the sun, let me know! Love the fedora.

  6. Looks like an awesome show! Boo for being back to reality lol the worst part of vacation.

    Hope you keep your goal of substituting coffee - it's a good one!

    Thanks for linking up :)


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