Fridays Five... Quicke

Just wanted to drop in for a quick Fridays five, travel edition before I cross the border. We are actually flying out of Tijuana (yup I'm a bad ass like that... just kidding it saved about $300 a ticket and a 13 hour layover and that was how my aunt was doing it).  

Thank god for rolling suitcases!! Traveling with a little and trying to keep track of her, hauling 2 suitcases, two carry ons and a purse. It's brutal! 

Expiedia, my aunt didn't think it was necessary to book a hotel in advance it was Thursday after all (we stayed in a hotel in San Diego last night so we weren't late for our flight).  Yup not so much after two tries finally found a motel 6 that had a room. 

Motel 6 has bumped up their stock a bit!
 Pretty comfy, and clean, I won't complain! 

Not a travel thing really but I bought this just before I left because my pencil was almost out... I can't wait to try it 

Happy Friday and happy vacation.  Hope you all have a great weekend, and a great week.  I talked to Carrie and she maybe stopping by :). Make sure to show her some bloggy love!! 


  1. Happy vacation have fun :)

  2. Yes rolling suitcases are a real blessing.

  3. I often cross the border for huge travel savings, I live in Canada and often will fly out of Syracuse NY and save 300-500 on a flight out of my local airport!

    Rolling suitcases do rock I'm looking forward to trying my new rolling/360 suitcase next Wednesday when I fly to Charleston SC!

    Have a great trip!


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