I have a confession to make. 
 More like a realization... I am struggling.  

The scale is slowly creeping up and I can make all the excuses, and I have.  I tell myself it's only one pound, then next week oh it's only one pound , the problem is those pounds are adding up. Then I realize weigh in is coming and try to "be good" to get the weight back off so I don't disappoint you  or embarrass me. It's become a vicious cycle.  

The same with my daily eating. Basically this is how my day goes, breakfast a healthy balanced one normally some thing like oatmeal, or egg whites with a piece of lean ham with coffee lots of coffee!
Then lunch comes and it's pretty good too, a lean protien (normally chicken or fish) with some veggies, and piece of fruit.  

Then I get home and it begins… 

The snacking.  I go to grab a string cheese then think I'll add a piece of fruit. Then oh maybe a handful of cereal. Then I think to myself,  stop Alma just make dinner so I do . It's a healthy one similar to lunch, and then it just keeps going.  I'll have "dessert" and think ok done...then a while later I think I'll just have another spoonful of __________ fill in the blank, and next thing I know the "one more spoonful" has turned into and empty container. 

WTF am I doing??  

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  1. Maybe instead of turning to food (are you bored?) instead drink a big glass of water? I have this problem too. (Its only one bite but that one bite turns into 3).


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