Oh Hey Friday!

Hey there it's Friday!! 

 This week has marked the end of summer for us as DQ started 2nd grade on Wednesday.
It's only been 3 days but so far so good :) she seems to like her teachers and is happy to be back with her friends.

Even though school has started that in no way means the summer weather has left us.  In fact it has been even warmer here lately.  This was my too hot to cook dinner. 

DQ still can not get enough of the chicks she is always in my office watching them or playing with them.  They love to just sit on her and sleep.  Who knew they would be so snuggly.

Finally made it to the gym yesterday with Carrie for our standing Thursday girls night. I really wasn't feeling it but I couldn't stand her up :) and she promised my froyo after so how could I say no.

and just because it's too cute I had to show you this flashback friday.
My dad actually sent this to me the other day.  Aren't I a cutie lol.

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