Apartment Chicks

Sorry there was no post Friday but this weekend was busy!!!  

I got a bit of a surprise on Thursday night, TaTa is moving out again... Last year at this time she moved out of our house to my moms (just more room and no little sister to fight with). This time she is moving out all by her big girl self into her very own apartment!!  

When did she get so grown up and responsible… Damn I must of done something right.
I am so proud of her, in the span of 3 months she has bought a new car and found an apartment all by herself.  So this weekend I did what any good mom would do and took her shopping!!
She pretty much has a bed, T.V and dresser so we hit up Ikea and a few other stores to get some must haves, like dishes, towels, pans.  
It was so fun, we got a ton of walking in, stayed under budget, and found some really cute things.

Besides our impromptu shopping trips, it was chicken day on Saturday. Me and the girls took a drive up the coast to Lompoc where Dare 2 Dream Farms is and picked out our chicks.  We ended up with an Easter Egger (Xena Warrior Chicken), a Barred Rock (Princess) and an Australorp  (Noodle) can you tell we let the girls name them lol.  They are so cute and funny to watch.
It was quite the 3 hour drive home with all these girls!

Sydney Doolittle enjoying her new calling as an urban chicken farmer :)

Dobby is not quite sure what to think yet, but he is being very sweet  and hasn't even barked at them.  But we are keeping a close eye on them all.

Even though it was crazy busy I did get in a few good workouts.  I did the treadmill HIIT training 
again, and threw in some swimming since it was so hot this weekend!

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  1. Aww those chicks look soo cute! Kudos for adding the workout in :)

  2. Aww busy but fun weekend! Glad you had a great one!

  3. Thanks for joining in on our Motivation Monday link up - I'm looking forward to reading your blog and sharing our weight loss/fitness journeys!

    Jen @CoffeeMomJen


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