Fridays Five…Totally Random

I am still riding on that awesome wave of losing 2 pounds this week! Instead of how I would normally give into temptation a bit and have a few "extras" here and there, I am staying the course and making better choices,  moving my ass and keeping busy (that is big for me I tend to eat cause I'm bored).

Here are some things that been keeping me busy this week.


I love my job! Where else can you "play" all day and get paid (ok not all the time but summers are lite and laid back most of the time).  We are doing a great outdoors/camping theme this week and we painted rocks so I made these beauties for my garden.  Aren't they cute!

speaking of garden this is the other side of my yard.  The palm trees were getting out of control, so I decided to take things into my own hands and clean it up! Another unconventional workout, I was sweating like a beast when I was done…turns out gardening is hard freaking work, that and having some dull ass clippers makes you really use some muscles.


I feel like I haven't seen my mom in ages so we were chatting… this was too funny and also a reminder I need to get going on training.  The Long Beach 1/2 Marathon is only 2 months away Yikes!!

This is also a boredom buster for me.  I swear my mouth just likes to move (some who that sounds naughty) whether  it's talking or eating,  so chewing gum has really been helping with the mindless snacking.


and it is official we are really getting chickens. We are  driving up to Dare 2 Dream Farms in Lompoc next weekend to pick them out, I was going to have them delivered but we decided to make a day of it and drive up the coast, hit the farmers market in Santa Barbara and maybe lunch in Solvang. I also really wanted to show DQ a real farm this is so exciting and a little crazy.  

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