Trying to fit it In...

Oh what a wonderful 2 weeks it has been  (16 days to be exact),  but this was my last week of vacation... so of course we tried to squeeze in everything we could. 

  • On Monday I asked DQ if she wanted to take Dobby to the park that TaTa and I saw on our hike and that was a great big YES!  It was a short walk but on a trail and it did have a few lot of stairs.  I was a bit worried how the tiniest dog ever was gonna do but that little pup may be small but he sure is mighty and handled it no problem.  We spent a few hours at the park, it was so beautiful and even had a little stream next to it that was perfect for DQ to explore. 

  • New Years  Eve day we decided to go to the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach.  I had gotten free passes when I ran the Long Beach Half and they expired that day.  It was fun, the aquarium is actually pretty small, so it was perfect for a quick visit.  It took us about 4 hours to see everything, and there was a lot of thing you could touch/pet, like sharks, rays, jellies (I wasn't so sure about that one) and of course sea stars, anomies, and urchins. We also got to feed the lorikeets, dude those things dive bomb you even if you don't have food for them, but they are so pretty I guess I can forgive them and the fact that I didn't get pooped on like the girl next to me lol.   Afterwards we walked over to Yard House for lunch.

  • The rest of the evening was low key CareBear came over and we just hung out and caught up, she has been out of town for the last week. Of course we had a few cocktails (those in the bag ones you throw in the freezer... verdict... not bad) played candy crush cause we are cool like that, rang in the new year and were in bed by 12:05pm  hey we were just happy to make it to midnight #oldfarts.  NYD we got up lazed around a bit before deciding to go for a run, gotta start the New Year off right...right??  We planned just a quick out and back but as we ran I realized that this was the first run CB has done in my hood so we went the long way and showed her "my hills" haha non existent to say the least. 

  • Finally our last stop for the week was Knott's Berry Farm.  I actually got season passes for the year, Disney was getting out of control expensive so I didn't renew thisr.  Kinda sad but for the price of ONE Disney pass I was able to get 4 Knott's passes (with parking and no blackout days...and the Disney pass wasn't even the top one it was second cheapest yikes).  It was just DQ and I but we got there early and were able to hit a lot of the Camp Snoopy rides before it got busy.  We walked around a bit and explored and decided one more ride before lunch, but along the way stopped for an ICEE...ya bad idea   *if  your squimish stop reading now* don't say I didn't warn you.... as we were waiting in line for the coach ride DQ is sucking down her ICEE a few minutes later she says she's dizzy and I tell her it was because she didn't eat her breakfast (that girl is the worst eater  I swear) and we'll go get lunch after the ride.  Well next thing I know she is leaning on me and I put my arm around her just in time for her to puke red ICEE all over my arm!!! Holy Crap GROSS and EMBARRESING.  So after a few murmurs of excuse me, be careful, don't step there, we headed off to the bathroom to clean up.  Luckily it wasn't to bad and with a mental note of NO ICEE on an empty tummy ever! We were off.

  • Finally my doctors apt on Monday did not go as well as I hoped, and I will be def having surgery in the next two weeks (just gotta call tomorrow and schedule it).  He said the estimated the recovery time for work about 3-4 weeks...crap, and the recovery time for exercise 6-12 SHIT are you kidding!! I will fill you guys in more but this post has gone on long enough and I need to get to bed, first time I've set the alarm in 16 days **sigh** 


  1. That BLOWS about the down time! I'm sorry to hear that, but again am glad this is something that's being taken care of. Also, some TMI, I threw up red icee "drink" one time and I wasn't in my right whits and literally thought my stomach was bleeding lol. SOOOO at least poor baby didn't think that!

  2. Your vacation looks SO fun! That aquarium looks awesome. I am always excited when places let you touch the animals! My daughter is picky too and barely eats her meals half the time. It drives me crazy.


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