Holiday Happenings

Hi All hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas. Mine was pretty great, very calm and bright :)  let's recap
  • We got together with my Mom, TaTa, on Christmas Eve. I tried to get the whole fam together (brother and his brood, Dad and Stepmom) but it didn't quite work with everyone's schedule so we just did what we could.  Normally we open only one present this night, but we had something special for DQ that we didn't think could wait until morning. Also Grammie C and Bob stopped by to see the surprise.

  • Welcome the newest addition to the family Dobby!!!  DQ has been asking begging and pleading for a dog ever since TaTa moved to Mom's and took her pup Em with her.  we have stayed strong and said no not until she was older.  But my Mom has has been fostering this little pup and his mama for the last 2 months (she works for the Humane Society)  and DQ just fell in love and after a while so did I, not gonna lie.  Everytime we went to Mom's she would spend hours with him... So the last time we were up there I came home and talked to the hubs.  He tried to be strong but I was no match  (I always knew we weren't going to last long and we both love dogs) so it was done.

  • Christmas was a bit anti-climactic after that but it was quiet sort of Dobby whined a lot the first night so thank god we didn't try to hide him til morning.  Presents were opened and every one got what the wanted... win!  The rest of the day was spent cuddling Dobby and playing with DQ's new toys, making rubberband bracelets with the loom Santa brought and baking treats with the new Easy Bake Oven. The Hubs and I also put together the new desk for my office (my Christmas present).

  • The Hubs came down with a nasty cold the day after Christmas so he only worked Thursday and ended up staying home Friday.  The good thing about that I was able to sneak out for a run in the morning :)  I haven't really ran a whole lot the last few weeks so it took a few minutes for my legs to warm up.  My breathing was rough and it wasn't the best run I've had, but it felt good to get out there.  I also got to use my new iPod Nano TaTa and Mom got me for Christmas.  I normally use my phone but I've been having issues with the speakers not working and I have to run with music!! I just can't see how people do it with out.  That is torture for me.  After my run I stopped by Starbucks got a Skinny Latte and walked home.  I went a total of 4.65 miles (ran 3 walked the rest enjoying my coffee).

  • The weather here has been beautiful mid to upper 70's F so TaTa and I decided to go for a hike on Saturday.  We tried out a new trail.  I drive by it all the time on my way to work and have always wanted to check it out. It was really pretty but very short more of just a walking trail but it had a TON of stairs so we made the loop twice and ran the stairs two extra times.  My fitbit said I had done 48 flights of stairs!! I think I will take DQ later today to burn off some energy and because at the end of the trail there is a huge park!

  • My appointment with the surgeon is today.  I'm a little nervous, but I will be glad to finally know what is going to happen and how soon.  I'm hopping to have the surgery as soon as possible. I'm also hoping it won't be a long recovery time.  I don't want to take too much time off from work and we really can afford for me to be on disability (this girl got bills to pay!) So we'll see what happens. 

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