Spoke to Soon

So I spoke to soon when I said I was feeling pretty healthy.... 

Damn if I didn't get hit with a massive cold uggg. 

Then Christmas just barged right in and took over.  so much has happened and I can't even begin to sort it all out, I'm going to "borrow" Leigh's (from Poonapalooza go check her out she is pretty awesome)  format of bullet points.  I've actually really enjoyed reading her bullet point format, so I figured I would give it a try.  Sometimes I feel like I have so much to say but it's just overwhelming try to put it all together, also If you've been reading for any length of time you know that I'm no Walt Whitman  hell I can barley spell and that's with spell check .  

So here we go....

  • so yes I was sick and that has totally derailed any and all forms of exercise.  Yes I feel better now but my motivation sucks, and that goes for my eating as well.  Why do parents feel the need to bring teachers every form of pastry know to man during the holidays!  What's wrong with a little fresh fruit once in a while.

  • I had my work Christmas party a few weeks ago and rocked this little number.  Must admit I felt great, and got lots of compliments on it. I'm gonna need to definitely wear this again SOON!
  • and as far as Christmas goes I am all set I did most of my shopping on line and actually stayed under budget.  I think NOT stepping foot into an actual store helped a lot I'm a total impulse shopper kinda like my eating it never bodes well.  I have had to go out and get a few stocking stuffers but I chant to myself "they don't need anything else", "No don't pick up that stuffed pony" you get the idea.  We are trying to keep it simple and way under budget this year.  Besides DQ does not need any more toys I swear that kid has unopened presents from last year!! I kid well maybe not

  • I got a terrible call from my mom last week my Aunt had a heart attack while doing aqua aerobics and ended up in the hospital.  She had a 90% blockage and they had to put in a stint.  She is doing much better and is actually going home today.  The scary thing is she is not that old only 64 and in seemingly good health Yikes!  Here we are visiting her at the hospital.

  • Today was my first "non work" day of my two week winter break!!  I'm so happy to have a full two weeks with no plans really.  I want to do some fun things with DQ and hopefully get my house shaped up.  Also I  want to jump right back in and get moving and back on track with the eating now that all those pastries are gone.  So today we decided to visit Santa...ya that was a bust.  We got to the store 45 minutes before the Santa pictures were to start (9:15am) and they gave us the come back time of 1:00pm  uhhh I don't think so.... so instead we went and saw Frozen (very cute) and came home to decorate Gingerbread houses.  Oh and took this picture with Rudolph instead lol!


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