Weigh In Wednesday 2.0

Weigh In Wednesday

  • Even though I will be laid up at the end of the month I have decided to get back on the wagon of weighing in and doing it on Wednesday's again cause really it has such a nice ring to it. Weigh in Wedensday's see just rolls off the tongue.

  • This week I'm starting out at 175.4. I think I'm up a bit from my last "official" weigh in here, but to be honest I'm actually down about 3 pounds from over the holidays.  But what ev this will be my starting point.

  • If you look back on my weigh in page I have been playing with the same 3-6 pounds for the last 6 months it likes me that much so I've decided to shake thing up a bit.  With all the new years "resolutioners" around,  there have been diet "suggestions" all over the place, people talkin and so on. After a bit of research I decided I want to try carb cycling, I've heard Heather from the Half Size Me podcast talk about it (and if you haven't listened to her show before do it.. it's awesome.. for reals)  so I thought I'd give it a try. I read what I could on the interweb and Chris and Heidi Powell are big into and I totally love them and we are total bff's in my head  so that's the one I'm going with.  I bought his book Choose More, To Lose More and I'm going to give it this whole month (well at least until surgery and see what happens).

  •  I did start this on Monday just going off what I read on the interweb and bought the book on Tuesday.  So I'm in the process of reading it and getting a better understanding and making sure I'm following it correctly I want to give it a real try. So we'll see how it goes.
Are you trying anything new for the new year?

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  1. I've only just heard about Carb Cycling too. Honestly I know nothing about it :P Good luck though!



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