Late Weigh-in...Just so tired...

  • It has been quite the week and a half.  I am so glad that I am back to work, but damn am I tired.  I think my body is still working on getting back to normal (oh ya and healing that big ass hole in my stomach) so when I get home from work I have zero energy.  Seriously my poor family is lucky to even see me as I walk by to my bed, and not to mention the state of my house... Seriously I need the laundry fairy to come to my house.  Please don't judge I'm just being real folks!

  • Oh did I tell you what else I got for my birthday....3 BIG POUNDS!!!That puts me at 176.6  Damnit I would totally be ok with that if I had, had a big birthday celebration dinner but I didn't.  I had my regular old meal of fish, rice and veggies and for a birthday treat a 100 cal popsicle.  I have no idea what's going on.  I am eating pretty well. I know the exercise is lacking in intensity but I am walking my feet off.   Uggg I am getting so discouraged I can't wait until I can do more.       
  • Yesterday I made it back to the gym for the first time. I went to TaTa's gym Fitness 19 (she was down visiting) their policy is members can bring in a "buddy" for free anytime.  It was even better because they don't try to upsell you on their gym like most do when you visit and I even took DQ,  kids club was $2.50 and she even got to do the kids Cardio Class.  I'm not sure if all the Fit19's are like this (I think they are franchised gyms not sure so please don't take my word on it). Anyway I walked on the treadmill for a mile then the elliptical was calling my name.  I figured it's kinda like walking  right?? So I jumped on one and kept it easy  I did bump it up to a level 4 but felt a twinge after a minute so I bumped it back down to a 2 I did another 3 miles.  I'm want to try to get back to the gym at least 2-3 times this week and see if that helps anything. 

  • My other goal for the week is to eat 3-5 servings of veggies a day.  I am a serious snacker  so instead of the "low cal" processed/convenience snacks I tend to grab I am going to go for veggies and wholesome unprocessed and see if that helps too. 

  • I am still keeping up with my new found love of being more put together...though the Hubs was doubtful not that he was being mean or discouraging it just seems to take a while and we do get up so early he didn't think I would keep it up instead of hitting that snooze bar a few more times...not mean just honest haha.  Though a few days I did think about it!  Honestly my weight and size being at a standstill I just need the extra confidence booster, and really it makes me feel good and when I feel good I feel more inclined to make the better/healthy choices to stay on that path. 

Shirt - H & M
Jacket - Elle (Kohl's)
 Pants - Jennifer Lopez ( Kohl's) 
Shoes - Kohl's ... and they are so comfortable, I may need to go pick up the coral pair
Jewelry - necklace Forever 21, bracelet Claire's 


  1. You're looking awesome in that red pants foto Alma! and I wanna be the buddy for the gym next time -lol :)

    1. Thanks Sheetal, I love those pants they are so comfy....and hey if your ever in the Inland Empire lets do it!! :)


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