A New Look

So as you can see I'm trying out a new look...   I'm super happy about the colors they are just so bright and well happy.  I'm also trying to work on adding some social media buttons well really just instagram... I'd like to do more but I already  have a personal instagram and  FB.   I did start a "new" ig for the blog but I really don't think I could handle having a whole other FB too. I can barley make it on here as it is.  I am not trying to take over the blogosphere so I figured that's as good as it gets for a full time working mom, who's trying to eat healthy, be healthy, and look good.  At least that's all the time this one has. But until they are up you can find me on Instagram username : borrow_that so original huh...

So tell me what do you think?.... Are you like the new look

On another note happy National Pancake Day!  Ya it's a day really...don't believe me google it...true story.  So to celebrate what did we do, Why make pancakes of course.  DQ and I whipped up some regular pancakes for her and daddy, and as for me I found this recipe on Run, Eat, Repeat a blog I like to read.  She made them in to waffles but seeing as it was Pancake day and not waffle day I pancaked it.  It made about three med sized pancakes, and according to myfitness pal was about 163 cals.  I'm not gonna lie they were a bit on the dry side but they tasted alright.  If your looking for a low calorie high protein meal and are wanting to do something other with your protein powder  it's worth a try. 

I ate it with a bit of melted peanut butter, and some turkey bacon. 
Total calories 314 

And  of course here is my OOTD.  It's been nice and cool (finally) sorry all you peeps stuck in the polar vortex so I finally have been able to wear my boots and scarves.

Shirt - Target (on clearance for $2.80 score)
Denim Jacket - Elle Kohl's
Skinny Jeans - Jennifer Lopez Kohl's
Scarf - Amazon
Bangles - Walmart

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  1. Girl, the look is hot - Page and that OOTD!


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