Weigh-in Wednesday Quick Breakfast

Weigh In Wednesday

Happy WiW and I'm sure you can tell by my chipper attitude that the scale was nice to me this morning.  I meant to take a picture but as always I was running late ugh, any way it was 174.8.

That is 1.8 pounds down from last week. 

 I'm hoping this means that my plan of more veggies and less processed food is working, but I'm not gonna lie I did have a Jimmy Dean De-light breakfast sandwhich this morning, as I said running late.  But overall I'm doing better and staying within my calories on myfitnesspal (you can friend me if you like AlmaCan1) I'm going for the 80/20 rule here 80% great 20% not so great.  I need to be true to myself and do something that I can stick with FOREVER.

jimmy Dean De-Lights, Breakfast,

I made it to the gym Monday and have the stuff in the car to go again today.  I figured I have a better chance of getting there if I don't have to stop off at home first, and DQ gets some extra playtime in before homework.  My plan today is to do 40 minutes  on the elliptical, and then 15-20 on the treadmill.  It's getting harder and harder to take it easy especially when I see people lifting and running.  I do miss running a bit, but I miss lifting weights a LOT!  I really fell in love with it last year.  Only two more weeks until my next Dr appt. and hopefully the all clear.


  1. Congrats Hun :) keep up the good work :)


  2. Congratulations! I used MFP, too! I found you through WiW, so I'll see you on MFP, too!

    1. Thank you Sarah!! Can't wait :)

  3. Congrats on a good week! Some mornings you hit it out of the park and some mornings you just do the best you can and it's a Jimmy Deans de-light

    1. Thank you. I know right, just hoping to have good mornings than bad :)


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