Failing to Plan

Wedensday DQ had an early release day at school, and since we will be gone this weekend and she will be with Grammie I wanted to spend some  extra "fun" time with her.  That means it was time for, Knott's Berry Farm.  We had a blast, luckily DQ is finally tall and brave enough for some of the bigger rides since Camp Snoopy (the kids part) was mostly under renovation.

It was so dead there and we didn't have to wait for anything really so we got a lot in and even did doubles on Jaguar (a coaster) and DQ did the swings twice there was no way I could do that sucker twice to much spinning and as it was I had a slight headache, I think was because I was hungry. 

Riding on an old fashioned stagecoach around the park

So after a few rides we both started to get hungry so we went tin search of food.  Let me just tell you I know that theme park food is over priced but this was redic...seriously is was $14.99 for a burger and fries... uh hell NO! So we decided to go to El Pollo Loco down the street after a few more rides.  But poor DQ was as she put it "Mama I'm gonna faint I'm sooo hungry... Why are you making me starve..." really kid really now you know why I call her Drama Queen.  So I finally caved for fear that someone would really think I was starving her and call CPS... not really, sort of and we found a place that sold chips.  By this point I was starving too but I just 't cave.  As we rode the last of the rides I did ask a few employees if they had a fruit cart/vendor any where in the park and most of them didn't know or said no.  When finally I spotted it...
I was so excited they only had apples and oranges and a few fruit cups but at that moment it was perfect.  I didn't even bat an eyelash at the $2.50 per apple price tag.

Our long sought after apple
The moral of the story here is I totally failed at planning ahead and it almost led to me stuffing my face with a Huge Ass funnel cake (oh yes they are famous for those as well as fried chicken). 

Do you plan ahead,  what are some of your tips?

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