Fab Friday... Spring Jewlery

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Hey dolls, hope you are having a Fab Friday!!  

I'm working on starting a weekly post and possibly a link up (if I can figure that out haha...baby steps guys, baby steps), of some of the things I'm loving, aka fabulous finds, or fab tips, basically anything to do with fitness, fashion, or food and of course it has to be FUN AND FABULOUS... I think you get the idea :) 
So to start it off I picked up these great baubles from OKAJewelry.  It was a totally random find, I was on Google looking for  "bow rings"  and it popped up and there you have it (don't you love when that happens).  They have some cute pieces at great prices then they have some other stuff that's not really my thing but hey you never know.  Anyway their policy is buy three items and they ship free NICE.  I believe I got these for around $8 total since most of it was on clearance (Oh yes I am thrifty to boot)! Fun and ca-ute, and the bow ring is too adorable!!!

jewlery, acrylic, bracelett,s ring, bow ring

 I'm totally into the bright pop of color right now.

See did I not tell you sooo stinking cute!

I'm so excited in 3 hours the hubs and I will be on the road to San Deigo.  Ahhh heaven and it's supposed to be in the 70-80's... 

Look out people my pasty white ass is ready for a tan! 

I'm thinking I won't be posting until Monday, but I'm sure I will be taking a crapton of Instagram pics so if you want to "virtually" join me on my mini vacay, as DQ called it, follow me. Just click the little Instagram button at the top under connect with me :) 

Are you doing anything fun or special this weekend?  
Also do you have any Fab Finds, I'd love to know? 


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  1. I think it looks cute! Have fun on your vacay-So jealous!


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