Christmas Past

So this is my Holiday recap :) I'll try to keep it short and sweet, so I'm gonna do it in pictures!

It was actually pretty low key and, I was unfortunately sick for most of it :(  But I did rally and try to have fun and relax.

This was my work Christmas party it was lots of fun with good friends and too much good food.

The Drama Queen an I managed to squeeze in one last Disneyland trip before we were blocked out, and we took her "boyfriend" Gary.  I love taking them both (they keep each other busy in line)

Firat day of vacation all cozy with my cup of coffee and my snuggly blanket.

Christmas Day...DQ spoiled as always

Tata was also just as spoiled

and so was I :)  So excited about this one (THANKS MOM!)

I was off work for until today so I had lots of craft time...ahhh heaven. I made windowed toy bags to help organize the clutter in DQ's room

And this comfy carseat pillow.

So there you have it,  my holidays in a nutshell or instagram whatever the case :)

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