What??? No Goals

So I've finally been catching up on all the blogs I read and obviously the theme is goals.  For me every year has been the same, lose weight and various things along that same line...go to the gym, no junk food, eat better etc, etc, etc,  and it's always been a big fat fail  literally bigger and fatter every year  so this year I decided not to do anything!  Yup you heard me I'm not going to do anything different than I'm doing now.  I started this journey not in January as a resolution or goal but in May because I was tired of it and finally ready to do it, and so far so good.  Yes,  I could probably be doing better, but I could be doing worse, and I'm living it everyday and it's working.  I've lost about 30lbs so far and it hasn't "felt" like a diet yes it's work and sometimes I really don't want to run or go to the gym, but I make myself at least try and if I really don't feel like it then I'll stop but guess what that has not happened yet.  Once I'm there I figure "well hell I'm already here might as well finish" and I've never felt bad after a workout.  On the food side I should be eating more veggies, and less processed foods (I'm not horrible with the processed foods but sometimes it's just convenient to grab a Lean Pocket) but like I've said what I'm doing right now is working so I'm not going to change a thing! Ok, ok, I am going to try to eat more veggies but I say that every week so really I'm not considering it a new years goal lol...

I will continue to run and I would like to do more races in 2013 but right now I'm really focusing on just the half mary coming up and then I think I will look in to more races. I know for sure my friends and I are going to attempt a mudd run and a few other fun runs this year, but as far as anything else I'll get to that soon enough.

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