Great Start

What a great start to the weekend!!!

Last night I went to the Surf City site to confirm myself for the race next weekend (HOLY CRAP NEXT WEEKEND!!!) and look up my bib number and got this sweet surprise....

I know this may not jump out at you but to me it was like a sign!  My lucky number is 19 and has been since like, well birth seeing as my birthday is on the 19th.  It is also TaTa's birthday.  I tried to get DQ's birthday on the 19th as well but the doc said that was pushing it to far (I had a scheduled C-section).  And as far as the 3 my goal is to finish in under 3 hours so kinda neat.
Then this morning I got on to my computer to catch up on all my blog reading and saw this!

OMGoodness!!!  Talk about awesome I won my very first giveaway EVER!!! 
Simpy Sarchet  had a giveaway of her favorite things and I won! YAY how exciting I've never won anything in my life...so with these two awesome things I'm hoping like really really reeaallyy hoping this is a sign of things to come, (say like a good race experience next weekend.)  Oh and you should soo go check out Simply Sarchet Amanda is awesome-sauce.

Now off to bed I go have a 10 miler in the morning.  Oh and it would be great if it wasn't raining (just putting it out there) Night all


  1. Hope your 10 miler went well! Good luck on your upcoming race. Super exciting!


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