Weigh-In Wedensday and Dating

Good Afternoon friends, how's it going?  Here not to shabby I'm down -.08 lbs  I would have like to see a bigger loss say, an actual whole pound but hey I'll take what I get.  I've been snacking more than usual.  I'm just so hungry after runs lately not sure if it's the longer miles or just thinking I've done more so I can eat more, so I'm really gonna try and keep it under control this week.  I am so close to the 180's and have been like forever I can taste it. 

I had another great run after work with CareBear.  This time we didn't listen to any music, instead I listened to her adventures in on-line dating.  Some good, some bad, and some just to fing funny...really you can't make this Sh*t up folks. Some guys can be total douche bags.  One actually called a half hour after they were supposed to meet from his house asking what she was up to, when she replied that she was getting ready to have dinner with two friends (they had come to spy keep an eye on her for safety) he got all flustered and was like "I'm not ready to meet your friends" really?? She then replied well it was just me 30 minutes ago when you were supposed to be here! WTF??

 Anyway we only planned on doing a short easy 2 miles, due to my sore knee, and my quads are still kicken from my 9 miler, but the stories were just to awesome to stop so we ended up doing 4.25.  I may get used to this running with friends thing...

Here are a few pics from our run:
Running past the lake

Waiting for a stoplight...her caption on this one was
"ARGGG she's making me run!"... lol  Don't let her
fool you she loves it :)

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