New Routines

Yesterday the first day of trying out my "new" routine of staying late at work and running there. 

It wasn't to bad I got off at 3:00pm changed and hit the pavement by 3:20pm.  I was a very pretty run I just went out and ran an out and back from work there are lots of trees and a lake so great scenery, and the most important thing I finished with plenty of light left :)  goal accomplished!

Then I grabbed DQ (alot of the parents were surprised to see me still there and in running clothes nol less..lol but I got a lot of high fives and that-a-girls)  and off we went to meet up with Grammie C to have dinner.  We ended up going to Wahoo's, a great taco place that I haven't been to in years and I totally forgot how yumm it was.  I did stay on plan though I probably did have a bit to much brown rice..oh well better that, then the cupcake place right :)

It was great to just sit and chat with Grammie C instead of the quick run down about DQ during drop offs (I'm not sure if I ever mentioned this but Grammie C and Bob *our "chosen" grandparents* take DQ for an over night once a week, normally on Fridays since DQ has started Kindergarten they don't get to see her as often as when they were her main care takers while me and the Hubs are at work and they miss her so much.  And come on a free Friday night Whoo-hoo gotta love it  we so lucked out with the best grandparents ever!)  So it was nice I love Grammie C she has become my Mom #2 and I don't know what I would do with out her she is like my other mom and my best friend, and my therapist all rolled into one.  And we both agreed that even after half marathon training this will have to become a regular occurrence :)

Grammie C, DQ, and Bob, look at all that love!

Grammie C and I being goofballs as always.

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