Coughing, Splits, and 10 Miler

My morning did not start off as great as I had hoped or planned.  The Hubs started coughing yesterday and it got progressively worse as the evening continued so bad in fact that around 3am I headed to the couch.  Then commenced the tossing and turning for a few hours and then I finally dozed off, I finally woke up around 7am ugg. I had planned on getting up around 5:30ish and get out the door about 6:30-7 so needless to say I didn't get out until 8:30 and was a little sore to boot damn couch. 

Once I got outside and started to move things felt better and began to loosen up and it was my ideal running conditions a bit chilly, overcast and even a little threat of rain (which never happened, so perfect).  It was a great run, I felt good and though it always takes me a few miles to find my groove I loved it.  The only bummer was I got a cramp in my left calf and had to walk more than I wanted because every time I tried to run it would tighten up on me pretty bad.  I'm not sure why I got a cramp that has never happened before and I was really good at making sure I hydrated well the day before.  The only thing I did different was I did get a massage on Friday to help loosen my muscles and I skipped my morning coffee... Don't think it was the coffee but maybe the massage (but oh it was heaven).

So I finally figured out how to get a screen shot of my splits (Thanks TaTa) so here they are:


Not too bad, so my next long run will take place on Sunday, 13 point freaking 1!!!
Surf City ready or not here I come....

Oh and my updated pics and measurements did not fall out of my head, I just ran out of time and my camera wasn't charged :(  but I did take my measurements and they are looking pretty good)  I'll get them up soon promise.

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