The Full Mile


Wait what....

OMG I did IT.....

Yes folks, I did just do it, I ran a full freaking mile WITHOUT stopping!!!  Be careful I think pigs may be flying overhead.

Wednesday nights are our "kid free" nights. DQ's Grammy C keeps her for slumber party nights as a special treat ( Not sure who gets the bigger treat DQ or me lol)  and for the most part TaTa is either at work or off with friends seeing how she is 18 it seems as she is always gone anyway :)

So Yesterday was our night, we tossed around the idea of going to dinner or hanging out in the pool, but Steve was so tired (he's a Heating & Air contractor)  with the temps soaring around here its been non-stop work.  So I was torn I could sit and catch up on my shows in quiet solitude, fold the laundry that has been piling up & do the dishes have I mentioned how much I hate doing dishes I'd rather scrub toilets!! Not sure why but I absolutely hate it... I regress anyway or go for a run.  I wasn't really feeling it since I had such a hard time on Monday and still felt a bit sore in my thighs and calves (not sure why??) but that damn little voice in my head kept yelling at me GO RUN!!! Fine damn it I'll go just to shut you up *sticking out tongue*

Earlier in the day I was on SparkPeople and read a blog post about running and how to be able to run longer and more steady.  Basically she slowed her pace way down and started taking smaller steps (more of a shuffle) So I figured hell why not try it, and I did

It was Amazing!!!

I started the C 2 5K app on the last day of week 3 just to see.  At first when I started to run/shuffle it felt a little strange like I was going sooo slow, and my calves were starting to burn a bit but I pushed through it.  When the app binged that the 3min run was over I was all What?? wait I can still run some more. I wasn't all overexerted and gasping for breath. It was an awesome feeling. So I finished the whole cycle with ease and when It came time for the 5 min cool down just for giggles I wanted to see if I could run the whole time and I did, and when cool down was over I told myself hey just keep going as the Nike App (I have both running at the same time on my iPhone while I run) binged off another .25 miles then again and again and AGAIN! until a full mile had passed.  When my run was over (2.34 miles) I checked my pace because it really did feel like I was going so slow, to my surprise it was the fastest I had run a mile EVER!  13'16" pace over all.

Now the little voice in my head was all "see I told you so don't you feel so awesome now!!! "
Oh Shut up *tongue out* but smiling all the while.  Have a great day everyone.


  1. WooHoo!!! That's great! You should be so proud of yourself for pushing yourself a bit out of your comfort zone. See what can be accomplished if we only just try? (Why the hell don't I listen to my own advice???? lol)


  2. Well done you for running a mile so fast and not stopping! Sounds like the technique you read about really helped. :)

  3. Congratulations on your run!

  4. I'm going through your older blog post since I'm new to your blog and I couldnt help but to congratulate you on this milestone! Such a big moment

  5. Thanks it really is, I've never been able to run a mile ever even when I was a kid. Let's just say I failed the Presidential Physical Fitness exam miserably lol


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