Morning Run

This was this mornings run.  Not bad... I always walk the first .25-.50 miles to warm up, then the last to cool down.
that 1st  & 2nd little dip is when my freaking shoes kept coming untied lol.

whoop whoop an 11'11" min mile awesome sauce!

I really wish I could run in the morning all the time, I'm more refreshed, less tired and overall have a better run and pace. But alas that is not going to happen I already get up at 4:00AM (yes an ungodly time) during the week for work every day, so I really don't think running in the am is happening.  Actually I probably could,  I am a total morning person, please don't hate me  but running in the dark scares the crap out of me so evening runs it is.  Have a great Sunday everyone!

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