Life Style Changes

Before LSC (Life Style Change) a normal weekend would consist of lounging around in Pj's catching up and clearing out the DVR,  maybe clean up around the house. Then hit up Target with my mom to buy stuff I don't need with money I don't have, and then almost always go out to eat and almost always make bad food choices.

Since LSC it's been pretty crazy with graduations and vacations and such until this weekend.  Finally a relaxing "normal" weekend, so what to do??? I did think about catching up on the DVR (hey I ran 3 days this week and ran a full mile) with all the exercising in the evenings I've missed a lot of good TV (Hell's Kitchen, Master Chef, SYTYCD) I deserve a break right???

WAIT that's the old lazy me trying to wiggle her hefty butt back in...Get the hell OUT of here bee-otch!

 My mom has been super impressed how I have stuck with things so far and I think seeing me get out and get moving has maybe rubbed off on her a bit :) So when I told her about a hiking trail I wanted to check out(it's in an area we used to live when I was a kid) she really wanted to check it out too.  So we decided that Saturday morning we would go and take DQ with us.  I heard it was a pretty easy trail and a few "mommy" friends of mine have taken their kids and they seemed to do ok so I wasn't too worried though it is a 5 mile hike.

Saturday morning we were up and out early and everyone was pretty excited. It was a beautiful day and the trail was packed with people, kids, dogs, and even a few horses. It started of  easy then as you got higher it started to get a bit steep, we only had to stop a few times for a rest/water break for mom and DQ (I really didn't mind either) it was pretty much uphill for the first 3 miles and everyone was a trooper. The last 2+ miles was downhill and I did end up having to carry piggyback DQ on and off for the last mile and a half or so. Needless to say I'm so proud of my mom and DQ for doing this with me.  We are even going to try and make this a bi-monthly thing :)  Here are a few pics from our "New" healthy active weekend activities.

Starting off strong

About 1/3 of the way to the top

Grammie and DQ

DQ and the flowers she picked along the way

We made it to the top!

Why do my boobs look so lopsided lol.

Trying to keep up with the "cowboy"

Piggy back time (now I feel like a horse lol)

We did go out for lunch but this time it was healthy choices... Subway at the park.

Yay for new LSC

It turned out to be about 6.77 miles by my Nike app (from start to end) and we finished in about 2.5 hours (not to bad).  Afterward everyone was pretty spent so we just chilled at home until DQ and I went to babysit for one of my students (I'm a pre-school teacher and occasionally parents will ask if I'm  free to  babysit for them, hey extra money is nice why not). So it was a long day but a great one though my hips are a little sore now lol.  Oh and old Hefty Butt Me... Buuh-Bye  Bee-otch!!


  1. That's FANTASTIC!!!! You should be so proud of yourself for not only getting out there and kicking "old hefty butt" outta the picture but for being such a great role model for your daughter AND your mother. What a fantastic way to spend the morning.

    (PS, my boobs always look lopsided in pics too lol)

  2. Hey girl! You aren't far from the 200lb mark! Keep it up! You look great, love that color t-shirt!

  3. Almost 7 miles of pure uphill it looks like!! Congrats!!


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