WiW... Can't Keep Up

Holy smokes all I can't believe it's already Wednesday and almost the end of the month. Our new schedule has time flying by.  Pretty much I am busy every night during the week and that's after working a full day and commuting 1-2 hours one way.  Since starting the new TC24 training we meet 3 times  Mon, Wed, Fri. From 6-7 then on Tues & Fri DQ has gymnastics and Thursday is girls gym night with my BFF Carrie.  I pretty much have not been home all month. 

The good news at least is the weekends have been pretty quiet, so Sunday the hubs decide he wanted to go to breakfast, since I didn't get a run in I talked him into walking to the restaurant, and to my surprise he actually said ok! It was a fun walk with the family and not to long just over a half mile one way.
Even though we went out I still wanted to make the healthier choice so here is the yummy veggie omelette and side of fruit but those damn hash browns were calling my name happy to say I didn't cave. #onepointme

Training club has been super awesome I am loving the accountability and of course Doben is always awesome and ready to get my ass in gear.  On Friday I totally had Biggest  Loser moment...we did 1/4 sprint on the treadmill and Soben came by and bumped my speed from a 5.2 all the way to a 7.1 and told me not to touch it!  Holy shit I was freaking out but I so did it I'm not sure if it was cause I was scared to fall on my face or look like an ass with all the other ladies around but I did it 4 FREAKING TIMES!!!

and the consistent burn is right on track.

This is the current group of ladies that are trying now.  They are all really nice and everyone encourages everyone. I love the camaraderie of group I really hope that 24 hour fitness keeps this program around awhile, and it's actually pretty affordable compared to one on one training.

and finally here it is down another pound.  Awesome!


  1. Great loss this week and excellent choices too! That training group sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. Great loss! Great job resisting those hash browns!

  3. Down a pound! Woot! And I say it's a win every time you choose not to eat something naughty - it's a daily struggle! Go girl!

  4. I wish I had a training group like that! Great job!

  5. That's great! Choosing a healthy breakfast at a restaurant can be hard, but so worth it.

  6. Happy One Pound Loss! Love that you walked to breakfast - building fun memories along with a healthy body :)


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