WiW…Spiraling Out of Control

Yup it's back to reality… There are no more excuses.  so here it is in all it's unwanted glory…

I have packed on a few holiday pounds, but guess what I'm over it. I'm moving on and going to get things done.  I can wallow in what I could have done or what I should have done different, I'm not going to do that I'm am just gonna do it. 

Last year I wanted to be fabulous by forty (about a month and half away) whelp it didn't happen quite as I wanted it to.  I'm up about 10 pounds from this time last year so instead of being fab as I turn forty I'm going to make forty my bitch!! and I'm starting NOW.

I am getting in my workouts weather it be at home or the gym.  I did just take my happy ass to gym last week and handed over my christmas bonus to my trainer and politely asked her to get my ass into gear.  
They have a new program at 24 Hour Fitness called TC24 basically its small group training at a more affordable price. (12  one hour sessions for $200) so it works out to be 3 days a week for a month not to bad.  I just need some help being accountable and Soben  (my trainer) was really great at keeping me in check.

It doesn't start until next week so in the mean time I've been woking at the gym on my own or doing my resistance bands at home (I'll have to get the hubs to get a picture of me in the act). 

Also my eating has been on point. I threw away all the crap I could (with out giving DQ or the hubs heart failure) and have been using this awesome christmas present my mom gave me.

I want to spiral all the veggies.  Don't get me wrong I can't trick myself into thinking its pasta or nothing but I like veggies and this is a fun and easy way to eat them.  
This is zucchini with pesto and chicken.

and this is also zucchini tossed with marina and turkey meatballs.

So I am determined to make this year a fan-freaking-tastic one.  I may not have come in like a lion but damned I'm come it out of it one hot cougar! lol 


  1. It sounds like you're so ready! I am right there with you... disappointed at where I'm starting from this year but ready to leave that all behind and start fresh! We can both do this!!

    Thanks for linking up!

  2. That zucchini thing looks fun! Good luck with your new program!

  3. You're still fabulous! I have a spiralizer on my wish list. Good luck with your goals this year!

  4. You go girl! And I think a lot of us need to forget what we did (or in my case, didn't do) last year and move onto 2015 with a vengeance! And I'm thinking about that spiral veggie cutter . . . I'm sure it's better than the Veggetti one, right?!? :-) Cheers to an awesome new year!


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