Oh Hey 5 on Friday

So wrapping up the first full week after the holidays I'd have to say  who knew I could love a day so much…Thank god it's Friday.  So as always getting right to it.

Carrie and I started back with our Thursday night gym dates.  We went to a fancy one in the Spectrum (a mall) I've never been to a gym at the mall before. It was nice and even had a water feature cause we all need one of those in our gym

Been burning the calories this week and just gonna keep at it and hope the weight will follow.

I was not completely perfect with meals this week . The Hubs and I had a chance to go to happy hour ALONE so we took full advantage.  I didn't use it as an exuse to go crazy though. I did have a drink or two but instead of all the fried apps I went with a very yummy beet salad. It's all about the balance.

I love how silly my oldest TaTa and I are.  Some times we will text each other in just meems.  Or do this...


while in Arizona the hubs and his bestie were being funny and taking a bunch of selfies (I posted it here) Then I saw this yesterday… 

Uh-oh I better keep an eye on the hubs….
Have a great weekend everyone!


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  1. Hi Alma!

    It's been a while! I see you were over in my neck of the woods (The Spectrum.) Happy New Year!


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