A Little Late...But I'm Ready

Hello??   Anyone still there?....
Well if you are,  thank you :)  seems Christmas came in and everything else went out.  I had all these lofty goals of what I wanted to get done on the blog, around my house, at the gym.  Instead it was a lot of family time.  So really it was great!  I may not have done everything I wanted but I spent so much time with my family and friends and who can complain about that.
I'm a little late to the recap party but I'm gonna do it anyway.
Christmas was great, very low key I had the family over for Christmas eve dinner then it was just the Hubs DQ and myself on Christmas day.  We watched movies played with our new toys and enjoyed each others company. 

Saturday after Christmas we drove to the California/Arizona border to pick up Ash so she could spend the week with us.  Always a long drive but so worth it we love having her she is such a sweetie and DQ just loves her.
We did a lot of fun things while she was here unfortunately the hubs had to work the first few days so my mom and I took the girls out and went ice staking in Old Town Temecula.

the next day we went to the trampoline park were we all jumped for two hours straight.  Even grandma.  Holy cow was I sore the next day, but still so much fun, and not to mention a great workout.

New Year was low key as well, we invited our friends over to just hang out, snack and play a little Cards Against Humanity (seriously the funniest and most inappropriate game ever) while the girls played Just Dance and watched movies.  None of us made it to midnight seeing as we are so old. We called it a happy new year at 10:00 and I was asleep by 11:00 such a party animal.
This weekend we wrapped up our break by taking Ash all the way back to AZ.  We left a day early so we could spend the weekend with our friends in Phoenix  (the husbands have been besties for like ever... seriously like high school forever)

They also have girls DQs age so they loved playing together and we sat around a caught up on life.  We used to go out a visit them almost monthly, but life gets busy so now we are only doing 3-4 times a year. 
Caught in the act, even though they may deny it boys take selfies too!
And even though I didn't work out nearly enough over the break I did get in a run with Amy (she just ran her firsk 5K non stop!!) so proud and now she is thinking of running a half...and I'm thinking if she does I may go out there and do it with her. 

and like I said I didn't work out or hit the gym as much as I wanted, but I wasn't a total couch potato. I went on a few hikes and runs, made it to the gym once and I also played with my awesome at home resistance band work out gear that the hubs got me.  I also found this cool fitbook at Target while doing some after Christmas shopping.

So now I am reved up and ready to go for the new year!!  Watch out.

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  1. Oh wow that fitbook thing looks neat! I'll have to check my local target and see if they have one! Glad you guys had a wonderful holiday!


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