Oh Hey Friday's Five with a WiW Mix

This week has been rough.  Besides being that last full week before Christmas this is the week that I got sick.  Ugh… really of all weeks. so needless to say I have been trying to chug along and do my best. Which meant a lot of whining and complaining and trying to get shit done, but of course that left no room for blogging so today is a mix of my Fridays Five and WiW all rolled in one.

Most of the week after working (yes I made it to work but just barely) and then hitting the stores for those last minute gifts I would get home and snuggle on the couch with the little.
what is Christmas with out Elf…syrup anyone??

I was down one pound which is great seeing as I never did anything more strenuous that push a shopping cart around in the last week. I think it's probably because I did more sleeping than eating.

and as most of you mom's know that even when we are sick we still need to get our shit done and yes that damn elf…. 

I may have taken my Christmas pictures in July but that didn't stop me from waiting until the very last minute to send those babies out.  


and of course the daily struggle of a teacher durning the holidays...
Have a great weekend all.  Linking up with


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  1. Thanks for your tip about blog settings and comment replies. I like to comment here and there but never can remember to go back and see if there is a reply.

    Hope you are feeling better soon!


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