WIW...She's Alive..

Why Hello… Yes I am actually still alive.  The Holiday craziness is in full swing and I seem to have not been prepared for it. Between people calling for last minute photo shoots, getting my Christmas craft on and being that mom thing I have not had much time to blog. 

So I will do a quick catch up for you all, before I weigh in  dun, dun ,duunnn

So I started out Thanksgiving day with a beautiful 5 mile run (a slog really but at least I got my butt out there).  It was slow but I really enjoyed it so what ev.

I followed my run with some turkey pancakes lol...

not what you though huh I saw this really cool FB post on this guy who makes all kinds of crazy pancake art, so I thought I would give it a try.  I may not be Picasso but DQ loved it.

Then of course I ate all the carbs

The rest of the weekend was pretty mellow. I did some Christmas shopping (no crazy Black Friday stuff just some get up when I felt like it and browse the store with a red starbucks cup in hand).
Saturday a family that I babysat for asked if I would do an all day thing. We weren't busy and the extra cash is always handy this time of year and DQ loves to play with A.

I did ask if I could run some errands with A and they said sure they'd leave the carseat, but when I got there they had changed their mind and asked if I would mind using their car since the car seat was a bitch to get out...

Ummm hello no problem!! Yes that beautiful car right there was my ride for the day.  Porsche Panamera I think I love you! It drives like a dream (yes that kinda dream lol) and it fit two car seats why you would put a car seat in one though... Any way it was fun being all fancy for the day.

So now it's back to reality (and my Prius)... and of course weigh in time

  So I stayed the same. I actually was up a bit last week (due to my monthly friend) and am back down again. Hey after thanksgiving I'll take that as a win :)

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  1. That turkey pancake is the cutest thing ever!! Congrats on a no-gain Thanksgiving week :)

  2. I love that pancake! No gain during Thanksgiving! That IS a victory!

  3. Yep! Don't think I'd complain about that ride at all :)
    Congrats, a non-gain is a WIN!

  4. Love your pancake art. Turned out great! And staying the same over Thanksgiving is definitely a win!


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