Oh Hey Friday Five

So real quick cause it's still crazy here,  but I promised my self I post today (even if it's late). 

In all the craziness we did get our tree up last weekend.  DQ loved putting on all the decorations and needed no help from me, but did need a little daddy help.

I have been getting my Christmas craft on.  I made this cute mug for DQ's teacher after I blew the dust off my cricut machine.  I'm going to fill it with a gift card and some other goodies :)

You would think with the holidays approaching traffic would get a bit lighter (with most colleges being out) not so much. But I found this awesome podcast Serial that is making the drive go by so much faster.  It basically is a takes a true case and delves deeper and deeper into it every week. Seriously so good.

Another car picture for ya. Yes that little punk is eating pizza in the car on the way home (thanks Grammie) ugh my whole car smelled like pizza heaven!

But I stuck to my guns and had a yummy dinner of (leftover turkey and veggies) no pizza heaven but it works. 

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