Hey all, sorry about missing Friday. It was our annual Christmas program at work so it was a whirl wind of a day and not to mention it was apparently "stormaggedon" too.  We here in So Cal are such babies that the littlest bit of rain puts everyone in a  panic. 
Even with the rain it turned out to be a great weekend. The hubs and I took DQ to a Winter Wonderland holiday thing at a local park along with some friends.  It was lots of fun they had all different types of activities.
This is how we do sledding and snow in Southern California lol,

can you tell we were totally unprepared.  Poor DQ id in Vans and we totally forgot the gloves.  

But she did get to see Santa so that made the freezing hands and wet feet worth it.
After that I went out with my girls.  Our work party did not happen this year, kinda sad but no one wanted to host it so it just sorta fizzled out.  we made the best of it and got the crew together for dinner and dancing in downtown Temecula.

We are such dorks but we do have fun!

Finally after getting home at 1 in the morning my ass had to be up at 6 to get ready for my last holiday shoot of the year. 

It was actually two families that were related I was worried it was going to take forever but it went really smoothly and we were done in just over an hour.  Now I'm just putting some finishing touches on them and will have them out later this week.
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  1. Love your pics with the tree! Hope DQ thawed out! ;)

  2. Anonymous12/15/2014

    you know "stormageddon" is a Doctor Who reference!? love ya!


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