Friday's Five

Happy Friday all. This had been the longest week ever, we have been getting ready for our annual Mother's Day luncheon at my school, which have made the kids a bit more crazy it seems.  Today I'm joining April for Fridays 5 so here it goes...


I am so excited for tomorrow TaTa and I are going to Kiss FM's Wang Tango (it is a festival type concert).  We have gone to quite a few when she was younger but I haven't been in years (cause they have had sucky bands) but this years line up looked pretty good... Maroon5, Ed Sheeran (the reason she wanted to go this year) One Republic and some other
really fun ones.


We have started our Thursday girls gym night again which meant I made it to my second Body Pump class this week.  I may even hit up a third on Saturday morning before the concert.  (If I'm not too sore)
I am killing my goals this week! 


I am loving all the awesome swag I got from my Swag Swap partner Tabitha over at Tiny Wishes.
She totally made this custom wine glass for me in my favorite colors of the moment mint and coral. 

OMG I am in love I stopped by GNC to pick up some Quest bars.  I have had a few different flavors (Chocolate PeanutButter, Strawberry Cheesecake, PeanutButter and Jelly all pretty good) and the Lemon Cream Pie (not that great.)  But I heard the Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough was really good so I had to try it my sweet tooth practically drove herself and no lie it is fan effing-tastic!!  Seriously if you love eating cookie dough  out of the bowl like me you need to go get this now... 
and It only has 1g of sugar, 17g of fiber, 21g of protein and is gluten free 
I was in no way paid to say that but if Quest would like to give me some more flavors to try, send them my way baby!!


Finally Happy Mother's Day to all you Mom's out there.  Whether you be a mom to human babies, fur babies, or grown up babies (aka husbands lol) have a wonderful day!!  You deserve it.

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  1. I'm fully on those Quest bars immediately!


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