Wendnesday Weigh-In... The Plan

It's that time again...

I'm up one pound.... 173.8 
I expected this if I said I wasn't a little bummed I'd be lying but every time I run a half I always retain a bit of weight I've come to accept it, like no, but I'll deal.  I swear you run 13.1 miles for 3+ hours  in 75 degree heat you think the fat would just melt off right....why do I keep doing it I'll never know cause I'll tell you the truth running kinda sucks but I just can't quit it. 
It's ok cause I got a plan. Now that the half is over (and there isn't another until Oct.) it's time to move on to other things.  Just look
I am working on a plan of action.  I want to get back to my Aqua and Body Pump classes (as long as I do light weights for a while longer I think the doc will be ok with it but when do I ever listen)I also want  to do more lifting in general.  But honestly I'm a little nervous.  I have a hard time lifting on my own .  I LOVE it, but I feel more comfortable with someone telling me what to do.  (God do I miss my trainer Soben, but my pocketbook just doesn't have the wiggle room to make it happen right now).  So I am researching, studying, pinteresting <--- new word? and making lists 
(I love lists, I am a total list maker).  I will make this happen!   
So if any of you have any advice or tips please send them my way. 
I need that scale to move the hell down.   I think I'll also start posting my weekly goals here or on instagram (I really haven't figured it all out yet)  I like the idea of weekly better than monthly,  I always start out strong but then towards the end lose steam.  And since we are talking goals I didn't do great but I wasn't horrible on my April goals  I only missed a total of 4 days of not drinking warm lemon water and 3 of not hitting my fitbit goal.  But I didn't lose 5 pounds and one week I got zero miles in for running.  I did great all my fruits and veggies in (that one was pretty easy I love em')
So even though this week is half over I'm NOT going to do the wait till Monday thing Let's get this shit started NOW!!!

See I already started yesterday :) 

Weekly goals May 5-11
1. At least 2 Body Pump Classes
2. One lifting session on my own (gotta break out of my comfort zone some how)
3. Walk/Run at least 3 miles for the week
 (I know this seems low, but I did just do 13.1 my legs need a little rest right...)
Oh and one more thing I started a Facebook page I would love for you to go and check it out Here.
Thanks so much you are awesome!

As always I hooked up with the girls Heather, Ash and Erin for WiW and I've also linked up with
 Shanna from because Shanna said so... I love her outfits they are adorns, and Amber from Fit Foodie Runs.

Joy Focused Learning


  1. I just started lifting this week because I finally had a friend to go with me, so I totally understand hating to lift on your own. I also gained some weight after my half marathon...not clue why though!

  2. Sorry about the gain, but I bet you're right, it's just from the half. Good job btw!


  3. Sorry about the gain but it'll be gone in no time I bet! Great job with starting to lift!


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