Fab Friday...Goals

 I had to call off work today... my poor Drama Queen has a slight issue.
 *ICK ALERT* if your squeamish stop reading, this is pretty gross...Just pop down to Fab Friday 
So DQ has a BIG ole boil on her butt and it popped yesterday (if you don't know what a boil is whatever you do, DO NOT Google that shit, really trust me you will have nightmares or vomit probably both... so not kidding) seriously it was like Mt. Vesuvius when that thing blew and it was nasty. She laid on her tummy for an hour while stuff came out ewww .  Today it doesn't hurt as much but it looks pretty gross still so I'm gonna take her into her Doctor just to have them check it out.  God kids are gross!

Now time for Fab Friday
So let's be honest last Friday's Link-Up was a flop  *a few tears here* so this week I'm just going to do my own Fab find/tip and maybe when I get a few more followers and spread the word around a little more I'll try again.
This week started a new month and that means time for some new goals.  Goals are a great way to keep yourself on track and in check. They don't need to be huge they can be as simple as making it a goal to park in the farthest spot and walk the extra steps to the entrance. Or not eating your kids leftover pizza crust (guilty)!
 But the tip/trick is you need to WRITE THEM DOWN !!
This really does make it more tangible  if you just keep it in your head you can always change it or alter it or even next time it.  Writing it down makes it "REAL", and helps you stay accountable.  If you really want to keep it "real" share it with someone, a friend, a spouse, or with the interweb friends like I do (hello blog).  Believe me when I put goals or say I'm going to do something on here I better do it or I feel like a complete shit and I let you  my awesome interweb friends down.
So I try my best to getter done.
 Give it a try
And since we are talking goals, here are mine for the month

#4 is some thing my trainer (when I was big ballin' and could afford a trainer, ya right like I was ever big ballin' more like debt callin')  She kept telling me to do this for many reasons like, it aids digestion, helps with cravings, balances your pH levels and a bunch of other stuff you can check out here.  I would off and on but never really stuck with it. So this month it's a goal and I put it out there so I better do it right!!

and this cute new mug I got will totally help...adorbs

 What are your April goals?


  1. thats interesting about the lemon water!! good luck with your goals they all sound very do-able!!

  2. Firstly !aww! I feel sad about your Link up thingy! If I had seen earlier, I would've definitely linked up! You see I am in the same boat as you! I Link up but I get very few followers! But this is about our journey right! Secondly, I have seen my sister do this lemon water thing and I think it does work!


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