Waken up in Vegas

I survived Vegas and only minimal damage was done to my waistline and liver. 
the only casualty was Friday's post (it didn't happen).
We arrived  late Thursday night and stayed downtown at the Golden Nugget.  I've always stayed on the strip so this was different but so fun.  It's much more laid back and crazy down there. We went out for just a bit when we got there. 

The next day we hit up the Hash House for breakfast and it took all I had NOT to order the French Toast, but Mom did so at least I got to have one ok two bites.  I ended up getting a goat cheese and red pepper scramble and it was so yummy.
We hung by the pool for a while but it was actually pretty chilly so we stayed just long enough for TaTa to go down the waterslide that goes through the shark tank.

Then we got ready to go to the strip and just stay for the show.  Mom handed me the tix to put in my purse and ummm the show was for SATURDAY!! 
 Mom thought the show was Friday so then we had to scramble to find someplace to stay for another night, but it worked out even better since we found a deal at Excalibur for way cheaper and it's walking distance to the House of Blues.
We decided to go and hang at the strip and walk around anyway and boy did we walk my fitbit said we walked over 9 miles on Friday.  So I didn't feel any guilt eating this yummy burger at Gordon Ramsey's restaurant BURGR.  It was the best seriously!!

Then walking around we saw a ticket place selling half priced tickets for that night shows.  Mom was so sweet and treated us to this.  It was amazeballs.  Those performers are indescribable, the things they can do are out of this world like for real. 

I'm gonna stop here cause this is supposed to be a blog not a novel. I'll finish up on the next post.  But real quick I wanted to mention how excited I am about meeting my SwagSwap 14 Buddy Tabitha.  I can't wait to get to know her better and get her fun goodies together!!

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  1. So so fun! Nice weekend you had there eh!


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