Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....

So if you follow me on Instagram you may have seen this picture on Friday

Ahh isn't that sweet 

just goes to prove looks are deceiving. That was the most painful walk ever!! 
She wanted a smoothie "You promised mom"  but I wanted to get a workout in so I asked if she wanted to walk to the Starbucks (it's about 2 miles really not that far and she's done a few 5 ks with me so I knew she could hang) 
OMG she is slower than molasses in the winter. Seriously look...

  Our nice spring walk turned into me yelling "dude hurry up, quit lagging pay attention, your going to get hit by a car" like every 5 minutes and then the whole way back she tortured me with Mary, Mary Quite Contrary....Saying it, singing, it yelling it, you name she did it....
 Really Mary I don't give a rats ass how your garden grows after about the 100th time!!
But when all was said and done and we were home guess what that little turd nugget asked
"Can we do it again tomorrow mom".... Know what I said??
"Sure honey that was fun"....
Saturday we actually didn't get to do that walk instead we hit up the Science Center in Santa Ana
They had Bubblefest and Animal Grossology.  It was lots of fun and super cool. I though we would only be there a few hours and instead ended up there all day. It was that fun!

Not gonna lie Bubble Guy was kinda hot

So many fun things to do...and only minimal yelling required ;)

When I got home I saw that I hadn't hit my steps even though I was on my feet all day. So though I was tired  I laced up my shoes and went for a walk ( had to do almost 1.5 miles to get them in).
See those Goals keeping me on track!!

Oh and just so you know all is good with DQ's backside though the doc did give her antibiotics "just in case".  And as far as mine went I'm still sportin steri strips and taking Saran Wrap showers ugh!

 How was your weekend?  Hit any goals?

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  1. Aww how cute is that, she came with you! Mary, Mary! haha


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