Weigh In Wednesday...Let It Ride

I'm hooking up with these lovely ladies again for

This is what it looks like this week

In Vegas terms it's a push, no gain, no loss so let it ride.  I am going to work extra hard to get a good loss next week. 
So to finish up my recap Vegas was a blast the Bastille show was fantastic they are great live so much energy I probably burned 500 calories just jumping around and dancing.

But now it's back to the regularly scheduled program or as most call it real life. I had to make a skirt for DQ's spirit day on Friday it's 50's Day so a purple poodle skirt is what she wanted. Luckily I have a few hidden talents and was able to sew this yesterday.

I have been taking it easy with my run/walks the last week. I was a little sore after that 7 miler.
My mind thinks I'm all well but my body has not quite caught up.  I'm confidant that I will be able to finish the Half (in two weeks holy shit!) but I don't want to fight through a lot of pain and my doctor will have my head. So I've tried to stay pretty low impact and do the elliptical and only run once durning the week.  I hope this doesn't screw me up.

Speaking of doctor I finally got the steri strips off and my incision is finally healed.
I can't believe how long it took.  I'm just happy I can take a shower with out Saran Wrap!! 
It's the little things...

How'd you do this week?


  1. That skirt is super cute!!! And a no gain after Vegas is awesome!!! Keep it up!

  2. Wow great job this week even with Vegas! I love Bastille! Glad you enjoyed the concert! And that skirt is too cute! I wish I was crafty and creative! LOL

  3. Came here from the blog hop ... DARLING skirt! Quite the talent. I used to sew, even had a boutique selling crafts for a while, but alas, I haven't dusted off the sewing machine in quite awhile. I've been "letting it ride" with no vacation to explain it. I'm really NOT in maintenance mode quite yet, still trying to lose just a few more pounds!

  4. Wow, thats great you didn't gain post-Vegas.
    I love that skirt, too cute!

  5. Your face looks so thin in that photo!
    I call that a win if you went to Vegas and had no gain!


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