Weigh-In On Thursday...Yet Again, and again, and again...

Another late weigh in folks...sorry.

I think I will be saying this a lot this month it's CRAY around here.

 Between vacation last week,  today is DQ's Birthday the big 6!

 Next week me and my girlies are going to see Pitbull and Ke$ha on Tue then DQ's actual party on Thurs night ( I know slightly weird to have it on a weeknight but we live far from school and there is this awesome party place that is a huge room full of bounce houses really close to school so we decided to do it there to save on driving out an extra day  and the fact that they have a great special of kids eat free on a Wed or Thurs night party  hey I'm cheap sue me..  Then the following week my stepdaughter Ash will be coming out from AZ to stay with us for the week (this is a bit nerve wracking seeing as this is the first time ever that this has ever happened and she is 11 yrs. old)  but we are very excited.  And it's also DQ's Kinder promotion so like I said CRAY!!

Well now that you all know my every waking step for the next month let's get to it!
I was on vacation last week and lost so was a bit worried that I wasn't going to lose as much if any especially since it was so hot (120 F) the last few days I didn't work out too much in the morning and just swam and did a lot of treading water (had to stay cool some how).

When I stepped on the scale yesterday I was sooooo happy another loss -2.2 pounds so I am now at 172.4  OMGEEE so close to the 160s I can not freaking believe it.  I really did work hard this vacation and watched what I ate made healthy choices and made my body move even when all I wanted to do was sit on my ass and drink beer!  Don't get me wrong I did have a few cocktails,  and  ate what everyone else ate (dinner mostly).  I just was mindful of my portion size and if I did have one to many chips I swam and extra lap.  

eating healthy even on the road!!!  (Ya I'm pretty multi talented...eating, picture taking and driving all at the same time... I kid, I kid,  I took this before I even pulled out of the parking spot cuz I was starvin)

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  1. I'm always so excited to see your losses!! Whoooooo!!


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