So right now I should be finishing up the horsecicles for DQ's B-Day Party.....

I know horsecicles gross not really look

See not quite as gross as they sound... I have to make 24 of those huge ass chocolate horse pops, for DQ's party on Thursday.  Luckily I bribed TaTa to help me as well as put together 24 goodies bags, glue cute circles with horses on them to the bottom of about a million Hershey Kisses.  Now to talk her into helping me make 4 dozen cupcakes and put together a shit ton of "pony treat" boxes filled with carrots and apples on Wednesday.  UGGG I thought having a her party at a "place" would be easier, but I soo am that mom that can't do stuff half way and go totally Martha Stewart for parties. 
Remember DQ's Mermaid Party that was not suppose to be a party.

Anyway This week is a busy one and I'm afraid I'm not going to make it to the gym at all. So my goal is to at least get in my 10,000 steps a day and be really good food wise.  Also since her party is going to be at a jumper place CareBear and I are going to make that our workout for Thursday and jump our asses off!

I'm actually bummed that we are not going to make it to the gym this Thursday.  We missed the last few due to her, then me being out of town.  So last week was finally a girls night.  CareBear suggested a ramped up workout of running to the gym (2 miles away) then take our Body Pump class then run back to work to pick up DQ.  I was a bit nervous that's a lotta working out, but I figured why not if we ran out of steam on the way back we could always call a coworker to come and rescue us.  So off we went.  It was actually not to bad just really freaking sweaty.  We were def slower on the way back but made it in time to pick up DQ before school closed which is always good.  I felt great after and we burned over 1000 calories according to my HRM.

Too bad we then proceeded to eat that many calories at Souplantation afterwards... Best laid plans right??  It's the damn bread I tell ya....

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