She Left Me...

 This weekend we shipped the little one off to grandma's just so we could have a quiet weekend (I tell you grandparents are the best!!)   So I started my Saturday off by dropping my car  at the dealers for service.  Since it's only a few miles from my daughter's we had decided that I would run to her house then she would drop me off at home so I could get some stuff done and then meet up later so I could pick up my car then we would go get a massage.

So after dropping off my car I ran to her place and stood outside and text her. She didn't answer right away so I ran around the block then I finally got a text back…that little shit forgot about me really.... She had stayed at her boyfriends WTH!!  I will give her points for offering to come get me (it was still pretty early) but I told her to forget (and to let her feel a little guilt lol) and called the hubs to come get me, it was a beautiful cool morning I told him I would just keep running until he found me. About 2 miles later we finally met up, so what was going to be a quick 2 miler turned into about 4.  Bonus points right.

He found me!

Then sunday I was debating about going hiking but decided to do it,  I love this sunday morning routine.  I get to catch up with my girl hit the framers market, and not feel guilty about having a baleg after the 5 mile hike :) and this week I met her new guy.
He was very nice and bonus was able to keep up lol.

another beautiful morning.

When I got home it was time to clean the coop and spend some time with my other girls.
They totally think they are lap chickens.


  1. I am so freaking jealous that you have chickens!


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