WiW....Sweat Bomb

Weigh In Wednesday
I'm back down, but only a few ounces. I really wish things would move a little faster, but I guess as long as it's moving (down) I shouldn't bitch. 
 It had been a pretty quiet week so far. The hubs has been out of town since Monday for work.  This is both good and bad, bad because I miss him when he's gone, but good because I don't feel so bad being at the gym.  He really doesn't give me crap about it, it's all me. I'm sure I've said this brfore but I commute a long ways to work every fricken day so that means I'm pretty much gone from 5am to 5pm then if I hit the gym right after I end up getting home after 6 most of the time and we go to bed pretty early (between 8-9) since we get up at 4am so that doesn't leave much time for a whole lot.

Any way I digress, since he's been gone I have turned into a sweat bomb (thanks DQ for helping with the pic though she took like 500 lol)

and that smile is coming straight from the heart.  I did my treadmill HIIT workout. Then I was feeling so good with the running parts I ran another 2 miles after.

Look at that burn, and my legs have that great achy feeling, not bad but just enough to let em' know who's boss. 

Another great thing when the hubs is gone is that if I don't feel like cooking I can just make a protein smoothie.  I found this while browsing online the other day. The brand is Cellucor and they have a bunch of different flavors I haven't really seen and the great thing is the sell them in a 4 serving "trial" pack. It's a little more than buying the big one, but I hate when I buy something then turns out I don't like it.  It's worth the extra to test it out.  So far I've tried the Red Velvet (yum!) Cor-fettie Cake Batter (yum and it even has cute little  sprinkles in it) Cinnamon Swirl (just ok as a drink but great to cook with)

And of course no post is complete without a chicken picture.  They are all getting so big and Noodle is finally not looking like a crack head anymore, and finally has some feathers.

from top to bottom DQ, Xena , Princess, and Noodle.
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  1. Nice loss and great job this week with all the sweat going on! I can understand you missing on the hubby though! That's a tough schedule for sure.

  2. Awesome loss!! I do love the simplicity of dinners when my husband is away too!

  3. Good job with losing something this week - even if it wasn't what you were hoping for, it was better than nothing! Having my bf gone is the same way - I miss him but then I get some me time and maybe some stuff I don't usually do.

    You have a chicken! Do you plan to eat it? Can you get eggs from it? are they noisy?

    1. I do and they are pretty awesome! No we don't plan on eating them (I don't think I could eat something I've named lol) but we did get them for the eggs, and they do make really good pets. They are really less work than a dog and not at all noisy. There coop is right by our bedroom window and we never hear them.

  4. Great job on the loss. Slow and steady wins the race. I'm going to have to have to try that protein powder.

  5. Keep rocking it out lady, you are doing great!!!!


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