5 on Friday

So glad it's 5 on Friday I don't think my brain could handle any more right now. I  am so ready for this weekend, the only bummer is I'm not feeing 100%.  I think I have  something brewing *figures* but better now than in 3 weeks I will not be sick for vacation so…

I am doing everything I can to get this thing knocked out

I finally picked up some beets at the farmers market last week and tried roasting them.  Gotta say they weren't bad I made a great little goat cheese and salad thing with them.  

Yup I'm sure your tired of hearing it but it is still hot here.  I shouldn't complain really I mean hitting the pool in (almost) mid October some people would kill for that.

TaTa and I workin' it old school.  We had a few Just Dance workouts this week.  I forgot how much fun it is :)  We even busted out all four of them.

This is what breakfast looks like when you forget your lunch at home not for one but two days ugh!!
but on the flip side a PBJ is still pretty damn good.

HAve a great weekend all and I can't wait to recap the LongBeach race this weekend.

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  1. LOVE beets. And all fall veggies. More carby though so I have to run my ass off...literally:-) Looking forward to the race recap!


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