Race for the Rescues

This weekend me and the girls ran the Race for the Rescues 10k, for our friend Nell's So. Cal Bulldog Rescue.  It was a pretty small race ( probably one of the smallest I've done). But it was very well organized and put together.   

It was held at the Irvine Great Park which was on part of the old El Toro military base.  Though it was well done the course was pretty boring (we ran on the old Tarmac) and it was a gradual incline and decline... Not too bad but enough for my quads to hate me for it.  

This was actually my very first 10k.  I have done several 5ks and two half marathons, but I guess I just kinda skipped over the 10ks lol. I actually REALLY like this distance.  It was long enough to make me work for it, but not so long that I was cursing myself :)  

I will admit it wasn't my best run (Tom came for a surprise visit that morning, if you know what I mean) so I was off and crabby but I put on my big girl panties  (literally lol) and ran.  I finished in 1:13, so now I Offaly have a 10k PR and something to beat!  


  1. Awesome jog on the 10k! You look so thin!

  2. You look so thin girl!! Great job the 10k!


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