Wake Up Sleeping Beauty

So to keep up with my running cause I've been doing a pretty shitty job as of late and spend time with my family so they actually remember I do live here I decided that I am going to wake my sorry butt up and run in the mornings on Thursdays so I have the evenings to nag spend quality time with them.

This may not seem very daunting to most but for me this means waking up at 3:30AM  to be on the road for work by 5:15AM.  So today was my first Thursday and of course DQ was up all night with a cough.  At 3:30  I called off work and seriously debated going back to bed (I have to stay home all day with a sick kiddo I need my strength...right??)  I even got as far as climbing back into bed...and stayed there for a whole 5 minutes before good choices or guilt but what ev kicked in.  I got dressed  grabbed a banana and off I went.

Yes folks that's AM

That gym was a ghost town, only a few hard core peeps were there (look at me I'm hard core!)  and I totally kicked some treadmill butt HELL YA!  Though it was hard to get up I love morning runs and always do better than in the afternoon or evening.

Look at all that liquid awesome!!
and that weird face, what was I doing?

A little full body shot for ya.
I'm so glad I didn't flake this morning I felt great afterwards.  Then I remembered I have a session with my trainer this afternoon at 5PM doh...  Oh well looks like a double hitter today, but at least I will be home sooner that if I stayed a ran afterward.  Also since I was home with DQ I was able to get a crapton of stuff done today (which means I spent the day cleaning the house).

Do you like to workout in the mornings or in the evenings?


  1. That may be the most hardcore thing I've heard of in a while! Way to Go Girl. You're blazing the trail!

  2. Came across your post/blog---and can so relate!!! I have to get up at 4:30am for my workout before work. I was doing great in January and February---March--not so much--at all. But I agree with you, I felt amazing for the rest of the day when I did the am workout. I have got to get my motivation back! I have even thought about moving the treadmill back to my bedroom from downstairs so its starring me in the face!! LOL!!!
    Thanks again for the post!!

  3. I know it's so hard, but worth it (I think). When my treadmill was in my room it became a really nice clothes hanger lol, so I got rid of it. Now I have to drive to the gym...god how I wish I had that treadmill back :)


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