Frankie says Relax... Then get Sick

This weekend was pretty relaxing...finally.

I could have just used a meme with the saying
but the muscles make it so much nicer to look at :)

Friday, what I thought was my allergies were kickin up, so I decided to take a rest day. Have to admit it was kinda nice just relaxing and clearing out my DVR  (anyone else watching the Following OMG! talk about suspenseful it's so good) also watched the season finale of Biggest Loser so glad Danni won I loved her and damn her arms were amazballs, but bummed that Gina won the at home prize I was hoping Lisa would win she looked fantastic and turly did most of it at home.

Saturday rolled around and there was no soccer game. CareBear came over so the hubs could replace her brakes (have I mentioned how nice it is to have a guy who can fix things) and we were planning on going to the gym.  Well time got away and before we knew it it was 1pm.  Kids Club closes at 1pm on the weekend so we decided to bust out the Just Dance 4.  It was so much fun like a mini dance party at home and we sure worked up a sweat and kept it going for well over an hour. 

Sunday I started out with a 4mile run.  It felt really good to get out there in the early morning air.  Even though I wasn't feeling all that great (I think I have a slight cold and not the allergies I had thought).  I aimed for a nice easy run and turned out I had a pretty good pace 12:20 per mile and it still seemed easyish.  I think all the cross training and weight lifting and evil squats are helping with my running.

 When DQ woke up her cough seemed to be worse but she was still bouncing off the walls and it was such a nice day (75F +  the perks of living in So. Cal.)  I just couldn't keep her inside.  We decided to hit up the regional park and do some pony rides.  Turns out they were having an Easter Event so it was pretty crowded but we stayed anyway.
Such a happy girl with her horse.

We played some games, decorated cookies ( I didn't even have a bite) and just enjoyed the sunshine.

Sun, butterflies, and frosting, what could be better
After all was said and done Sunday night turned out to be pretty rough. DQ was up most of the night coughing, and when she wasn't I was. So not much was happening in the sleep department.  Monday I was able to get her into the Doctor"s and turns out my little peanut has a sinus infection and bronchitis...ugg again I win mother of the year...NOT! Poor thing my only excuse is she seemed fine except for the cough and she was still totally driving me to drink crazy.  So now she is on meds and all is well... and she is still driving me right to the wine bottle crazy.

Hopefully this will help her sleep, if not maybe I'll down
the bottle of Nyquil so someone sleeps, whatever works right?


  1. Hope you all start feeling better!!

    I was so happy Danni won too! She looked HOT! I really wanted Lisa to get the at home prize too... She was so close!

  2. I've been reading everything on my iPad so I don't know how new the blog design is, but I love it! I love the colors and the header, and especially the split screen picks!

    Also, I have sooooo been there as a fellow mother of the year. I once was in the middle of lecturing a kid on how it was dishonest of them to fake sick to get out of chores when they threw up on my shoe.


    1. Thanks I just changed it up today :) wanted to try something different.

      Oh the joys of puke...lol Nice to know I'm not alone


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