Weigh - In Wednesday #48

Holy crap I've been at this for 48 weeks!!!

Wow that's amazing!

Welp this week's numbers are 183.2  a loss of 1.4lbs almost 40 pounds down, I'm happy with that.  The scale has been very slow going lately, but at least it's going in the right direction.

So this weekend a cute a furry little animal is going around filling baskets and such with a shit load of chocolate and sugar...ugg  damn bunny!

This also means family dinners or in my case brunch.  We are definitely a family who loves food and most of our gatherings revolve around it.  Brunch is at my brothers house this year, when I asked SIL what she wanted to bring the answer I got was..."whatever you want"... nice that leaves a lot.  So I changed my tactic and asked "What do you have already?" and I got the run down, ham eggs cinnamon rolls, bacon doughnuts, in other words not much of the healthy stuff (big surprise). 

Ok I should add some back story here.  I love my brother and his family (yes SIL included, ok sometimes) but they are not very healthy or active,  but my brother is one of those people we love to hate that actually has to eat a ton to maintain his weight and is pretty active but the rest not so much.  But what eve who am I to judge, no one.  The problem lies that  ever since I started my weight loss or "healthy lifestyle" she asks my about it.  I never volunteer information or bad mouth anyone elses choices. I just do my thing,  anyway when she asks or it comes up in conversation of course I talk about it  (I'm damn proud of what I've done so far) and  you asked right.  Then come the excuses or the "oh ya that's normally how we do, but you know its a special occasion, vacation, or fill in the blank... but I call bullsh*t.  I'm not judging you so don't make excuses, you don't have to I don't really care what you are doing or how you live your life.  If you want help or advice I'm here I will help or just offer support.  But this is what really pisses me off to no end,  She will offer DQ a soda or candy (not just one but like a Costco bag) but always follow it up with a "Oh but you need to ask your mom first cause I don't think she will be ok with it"  then why offer it to her WTF??  and it's not that DQ or I for that matter can't have it we just do it in moderation.  Yes she can have a small sprite but not a giant Big Gulp of Mt. Dew, she can have a handful of M&M's but not a pound.   Besides being a bunch of crap and unhealthy DQ is a child and a hyper child, like she needs any extra sugar geesh!

So as you can see by my rant brunch will be interesting as is every family gathering.    In the end I think I'm going to bring a nice fruit salad and some low fat muffins and just do my thing and smile.  Also I will be totally rockin my cute new spring dress cause like I said I'm damn proud of what I've done and I'm going to show it off!!


  1. I always love following you on IG and here. I feel like we are buds, is that cool with you? lol. UHM, congrats on on the weight loss. And I'm glad I am an old only child and there is no easter bunny in my life! ;)

    1. Uhh TOTALLY we can be like BBF's...Best Blog Friends :) ok was that creepy lol

      Sometimes I wished that I was an only but now when I tell the stories of how I beat up on my little bro they are sooo funny and he's not really all that bad.

      As for the bunny I say another 4-5 yrs and that bunny's getting the boot.


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